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About Us

Minnesota Swish is a premier Twin Cities West Metro spring/summer basketball club program.  It is provided by Hoops Training Director Andrew Dahl ( Coach Dahl has 10 years of experience directing spring club teams out of the Marshall, MN area (Southwest Slam) and 7 years in the Twin Cities West Metro.  

In the spring of 2015, the former Southwest Slam Metro program merged with the team that has played with the MN Swish name in previous spring/summer seasons.  That team was made up of 2015-16 seniors and had played numerous seasons in Midwest tournaments with a great deal of success.

A few Minnesota Swish program goals include:

  • Gain valuable playing experience with 18 to 25+ games
  • Be challenged by playing with and against better players and athletes
  • Experience a different coaching style and hopefully learn new skills, learn from game situations, and learn to play with more intensity, aggressiveness, and toughness.
  • Come back an improved player ready to contribute at a higher level in the upcoming school season!

MN Swish teams will have intense practices with a focus on skill development and improving game situation knowledge.  A few specific skill areas teams will work on developing include:

1) Finishing strong around the basket
2) Creating scoring opportunities with good footwork and fakes
3) Handling pressure - both dribbling, passing, and pivoting
4) Defensive positioning, intensity, communication, and boxing out

Not a lot of time will be spent on learning plays that won't benefit athletes in the future.  Each team will have a motion offense and keep good spacing on the floor with the option to add a few sets and plays.  Defense played will be primarily man-to-man with occasional zones, traps, or presses.

Players from all communities and areas are welcomed to try out and participate in the Swish program!